ABDULLAH SNOBAR - Executive Director, DMZ

Abdullah Snobar is the Executive Director of the DMZ at Ryerson University. Abdullah joined the DMZ in 2014 as the Director of Community and Business Development. In that role, he established and led the team responsible for increasing and strengthening connections with industry and corporate leaders.

Prior to joining the DMZ, Abdullah served the Office of the Dean at the Ted Rogers School of Management as the Manager of Undergraduate Student Relations and Development. As a campus leader and widely respected role model, Abdullah amplified the culture and empowered the student community of the business school, through the introduction of new local and international experiential programs for students, leadership training for student executives, and unprecedented opportunities for student involvement. Abdullah’s previous experience includes the Canadian Armed Forces, Marriott Hotels and Resorts, and Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. Abdullah is also a participant in numerous cultural boards servicing the Toronto area. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University.